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Expert Tips for Nailing An Online English Teacher Interview

Published: 13th October 2020 21:59

Facing an interview for becoming an online tutor can be quite an intimidating process. Selling your teaching skills is not easy as you may think especially when you have to face a panel of interviewers and when you have to compete with candidates all across the globe. The interview is a chance for you to impress the interviewees, and thus you have to face it in such a way that the panel does not have any chance to say a ‘no’ to you.


So here are a few pieces of advice from the experts that can help you gain a clear picture of things that you need to do for nailing an English teacher interview.


Preparation is the key

The very first thing that you need to do is to prepare for the interview wholeheartedly. Browse a few questions that are usually asked in interviews and accordingly prepare professional replies for the same. Do not merely wing your responses but respond in such a way that your answers seem to have your thought because an interviewer can easily judge between a nicely and poorly prepared answer.


Ace your demo lesson

The online teaching candidate may be required to present a demo lesson in front of the interviewers, so do not take it casually. Also, there are chances that either you will be given a choice to take your topic or the topic will be sent in advance so that the candidate gets enough time to prepare. 


Even if the topic seems easy and you might be confident about teaching the same, do not overlook it as you need to realize that you are competing against people all across the globe. Therefore, it is not only about being proficient but being the best to get selected for the job. 


Plan out things adequately, such as what you are going to teach, how you are going to teach, the examples you will be using, how you will make the students understand, etc. You can try getting a friend for rescue who can act as a student while you try demonstrating the demo classes in front of them.


Professional attire

Now, this is something that is going to lay down the first impression in front of the interviewers, so do not ruin it in anyways. Working from home may seem like rolling out of bed, switching on your laptop, and getting started with taking the lessons. But it is not the same; you need to have a professional look while you face the interview and also when you take classes after being selected. 


So do not dress up as if you have just rolled out of bed to face the interview. Wear on your best clothes and style yourselves in a professional look so that the interviewers find you impressive and appealing enough to hand over the job to you.


Go beyond the traditional ways

While preparing for a teaching demo, you might have prepared hard to nail the interview. But do not just stick to the age-old ethnic method of teaching; think beyond the scope of simple lessons. Consider using teaching aids and props to add more life to your lessons. 


By taking such things, the interviewees may feel the determination and dedication that you have to make things easy and understandable for the students. Thus you have better chances of getting a teaching seat in their particular company or institute. So give your best shot and find out things that can actually work in such an interview situation.


Be well versed with the instructions

The interview mail and demo class instructions may sometimes seem as too long to read. And, all you may do is to just run your eyes through it with a 5g speed considering that you have read it all. Do not! We repeat- do not commit such a mistake or you may end up making blunders. Take out ample time to read the pre-interview mail and get well versed with all the instructions given and accordingly prepare the lessons. 


Doesn’t practice skim-reading; even the smallest of a mistake can lead you to rejection as you have to face candidates from all around the world. So leave no stones unturned to crack the interview and prepare your lessons as per the instructions given.


Part ways with your phone

Yes, that fascinating piece of Holy shit, please keep that away for some time so that it can prevent you from being distracted while you prepare for your interview. Also make sure that you keep it aside on the final interview day so that you have a lesser distraction, more focus, and can save yourself from an embarrassing situation wherein your phone rings and you accidentally tend to answer it in front of the interviewer panel.


Set your interview room right

Ensure a good internet connection so that you do not have to face the slightest of inconvenience during the interview process. Also, make sure that you give your interview in a quiet place that is not noisy and has pleasing backgrounds. 


Instruct your housemates beforehand that no one should be stepping inside the room shouting or asking things to you while you are on it. Be seated at a place where there is ample light. Troubleshoot all the necessary specs and devices in advance so that there is hardly any room for mismanagement and failure of devices.


Use your creativity

Now when you face the interview and are given a chance to demonstrate your demo lessons, use your spark of creativity so that it leaves a long-lasting effect on the minds of the interviewers.


Do not shy off; use your hand gestures and your methods to nail it. Also, set up your whiteboard right so that the camera focuses it straight off and you do not land yourself in an anxious state when the interviewers say that the board is not visible.



Using all these tips, there are hardly any chances that you will fail. We hope that this article gets you a better insight on how to prepare for the interview so that you get a chance to say “Eureka” when the interviewees say “you are selected’. Do you have more such tips? Do let us know in the comment section!

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