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Top 3 Anti-Theft Systems You Must Use in Your Car

Published: 6th January 2021 09:08

Some vehicles in Ireland already have a high rate of car theft.

Some vehicles in Ireland already have a high rate of car theft. And when you are a car owner residing in a notorious environment, it only compounds matters as there is a higher chance of losing your vehicle to the cold hands of car snatchers.


Instead of getting worried over these facts, why not focus more on making your vehicle less attractive to thieves while enjoying the ease of mobility and comfort of your car. 


Safety Anti-Theft Systems


Despite the horrors you may have been exposed to in time past on car theft, taking full advantage of the advancement of car technology systems is something you should pay closer attention; to henceforth. 


Here are some of such anti-theft systems that Irish drivers are finding more useful in protecting their cars:


1.    Passive Alarms: Latest car models often have passive alarms inbuilt. This safety feature makes perfect sense, and it works when you turn off your vehicle and removes the keys or closes the doors. The passive alarm is programmed to give an automatic response in the nick of time, to prevent auto theft and break-ins.


2.    Steering Wheel Lock: Have you seen the latest models of the steering wheel locks? You can easily find this in most automobile shops in Ireland, if peradventure; it is misplaced or unavailable in your vehicle. 


The steering wheel lock is a warning sign that makes your car unattractive to thieves. It is available in various shapes, colours, and sizes, giving you more options to choose from. Furthermore, the lock is like a seal of protection on your vehicle each time you lock up the wheel, as it makes it nearly impossible for auto thieves to manoeuvre.


3.    Ignition Cut-off Systems: Whether you need to stop by at the shopping mall for groceries, have a timeout at the Irish National War Memorial park with friends and family, or even drop by at the office for a very long meeting. The ignition-cut-off system of your car protects it in your absence. 


It works by disrupting the flow of electricity at the ignition or battery to disable the fuel pump. Any forceful attempt to steal your car in this mode will mostly end up drawing the attention of bystanders, raising an eye of suspicion, which is what car thieves wouldn’t want to happen.


With the above information only, you will drastically lower the chances of losing your car to thieves. However, there are more easy ways to protect your vehicle and without further ado, let’s find out what they are.


Other Easy Ways on How to Protect Your Car Against Car Theft


Whether you are dealing with carjackers, joy-riders, or even thieves who have become professionals in the act; your focus remains the same- protecting your car against all forms of attack.


1. If you live in high crime areas, you may need to consider relocating or supporting the neighbourhood watch to strengthen their activities. 

Also, tread carefully when visiting areas that you are not familiar with, as they might also be high crime areas.


2. One of the leading insurance brokers in Ireland, The AA  suggests that car insurance should not be optional, as it covers the expense for damages caused to your car in the event of an accident or even theft. Irish drivers are supposed to have car insurance cover as a means of protecting their car and recovering from unforeseen losses.


3. Avoid parking your car carelessly at the parks, gas stations, or even garages.


4. Drive cautiously at night and if you must park your car, always ensure the location is well illuminated. Auto theft thrives at night, and you do not have to be a victim.


5. The central-lock system of your car has made it very easy to keep your vehicle locked, even while driving; hence use it at all times. 


6. One of the benefits of installing an anti-theft system in your car is that it makes it difficult for thieves to steal, and it's easier to trace and recover your vehicle. Another juicy fact is that having this system can lower your insurance premium.


7. Do not cultivate the habit of leaving your car key in the ignition because you don’t know who is watching. Turn off your car, and lock the doors, even when you want to "quickly pick up something nearby."


As an Irish driver, learning how to avert car theft is valuable information that you’ll consciously need to put to work for as long as you use your car.  

These easy tips will help you prevent car theft in any situation, be sure to put them to
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