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AI Drawing: Can AI Produce Pictures?

Published: 16th September 2021 10:37

This article focuses on how AI can be applied to generate drawings just by using a picture as a guide or reference.  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as a field of science and engineering that aims to create computational agents capable of intelligent behaviour. These computational agents include computer systems, computer programs, robots, animals, and human beings. Just like the £10 no deposit slot bonus UK, AI has been around for many decades now, but lately, it's gained a lot of popularity because it could potentially be used in almost every aspect of our daily life, such as military, medical treatment, and scientific research. 

This article focuses on how AI can be applied to generate drawings just by using a picture as a guide or reference. Here’s a summary of the points discussed in this piece:

  • AI can produce pictures.
  • AI can generate images when it’s impossible or difficult for a person to draw from reference images.
  • AI cannot replace artists, but there are some artistic details it can do better than artists.
  • AI may not be able to produce fine art.

So, Can AI Produce Pictures?

For most enthusiastic people about artificial intelligence, a common concern is whether AI can also be used in producing images. Now, to answer the question of whether AI can produce pictures, the answer is YES! The program uses an algorithm that takes the pixel values from the reference image to produce a drawing with those features. As a result, the drawing created using AI is perfect without any noise or unnecessary information. It is also clean and well structured.

What are Incidences When AI Can be Used in Generating Images

AI drawing can be used to generate drawings from an image when it is too difficult or impossible for a person to draw directly from the reference image because there is lots of irrelevant information and other complications that interrupt drawing the required object. Moreover, one example may be generating a finished picture of a human face with many shadows and different angles to get the finished drawing as close to perfect as possible using the AI technique. 

It doesn’t even end there. AI drawing can also be applied when humans take too long to annotate images with labels, such as labelling all cells in a microscopic image taken from a cell biology experiment. It would make it easier for a computer program to identify the cells in the picture and perform some experiments on them. Also, AI drawing is used in many areas, such as medical research, design and engeneering. 

Can AI Replace Artists?

Again, this is another question we have bumped into several times. The answer is plain and proper: ‘NO.’ AI will never be able to replace artists. Artists can create something entirely new by themselves, while the primary purpose of AI Drawing is solely based on drawing images from samples provided. There are also too many factors that make people more imaginative and creative than computers, such as setting their own rules, using different materials to draw with, and being able to work without any limitations.

AI May Not Replace Artists but Can Sometimes Produce Better Quality Images

However, we cannot rule out that AI can sometimes produce drawings of better quality because it doesn't have emotions that may affect decisions while creating artworks or choosing mediums to use, for example. For instance, some painters might get bored drawing for hours, so they stop mid-way instead of completing their artwork, while artists who rely on AI would not have this problem since computers process commands based on algorithms and do not get tired quickly. Furthermore, a computer cannot generate creative ideas because they require the input of imagination from an artist's mind, which can only come from humans.

Artists can create something entirely new by themselves, while AI Drawing is solely based on drawing images from reference images. This means that AI Drawing will never replace artists because computers will never have imagination, emotions, or any other creativity that makes people more imaginative than computers and unique. Computers also do not have limitations, such as the types of materials they want to draw with. Still, artists are better at creating drawings out of their own imaginations using different tools rather than following instructions given by a machine, limiting creativity.

With that being said, the concern on AI potentially replacing artists depends on what you mean by the word "replace." If to suppose it means to replace humans' role in creating artwork, then-No. In that case, AI will never be able to replace artists because computers will never have imagination, emotions, or anything like that. However, if you mean replacing the artist's process of drawing an image from reference images using the AI Drawing technique, then - Yes, because computers do not get tired, and they follow specific instructions given by a machine which limits their creativity. Additionally, some painters might stop mid-way to have a break instead of finishing their artwork. In contrast, people who rely on AI Drawing would not have this problem because computers are just machines that process commands based on algorithms and do not get tired quickly.

Can AI Produce Fine Art?

Other than replacing artists, you may also wonder whether AI can produce fine art. Again, the answer to this is ‘NO.’ AI will never produce fine art because the final product of a human's thought process will always be different from that of a machine's. Even if a computer processes an artist's command, it can't replicate creativity or imagination, making a painting or artwork unique and special. It means there would always be something lost in translation when passing down instructions from humans to computers and translating the image into lines and shapes as well. Also, since computers are only following commands given by people, they have no freedom to create anything on their own, so due to these reasons, AI Drawing cannot produce fine art.

The Bottom Line

AI can produce images, but it cannot entirely replace artists. Remember that it may only be possible for AI to produce the required quality when it’s well-fed with the proper commands. To achieve this, the painter will need to give clear instructions and limits on what needs to be drawn on a piece of paper or canvas. After this, an AI algorithm will produce exactly the same drawing. 

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