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How to write an outstanding resume

Published: 20th April 2020 10:39

There comes a duration in life when every student is faced with the task of writing a resume.


There comes a duration in life when every student is faced with the task of writing a resume. While it may be an ordinary skill that some possess, most people find the task of writing a curriculum vitae to be complicated. They lack ideas on what information to include and what to exclude. An exceptionally written resume can be the indicator of whether a company will hire a person or not. Therefore, it is necessary to have all the requisite skills before embarking on the craft. There are several essential tips that can help a student in writing an exceptional resume.

Analyze successful Resume Samples for your program

            Borrowing ideas from already exceptionally written resumes is the first step towards completing the process successfully. An internet search on dedicated platforms can reveal results of different CVs written by people within the same line of work as an aspiring individual. Platforms such as LinkedIn can direct a person to professional resume service that fits their needs. It is necessary to select the ideal format that is suitable for a person out of the available results. These already-written examples will capture all the relevant details that a person must cover in their CV, as well as those that should be left out.

Put the most valuable information first

            Not all information is appropriate for inclusion in a resume. Arrangement of the information is also a factor to consider. All the critical details should be written first to ensure that those working in the hiring department do not miss them. There are high chances that the intended recipients go through many resumes in a day. Therefore, to ensure that they read the essential details, it is necessary that they appear on the first page. This way, even if they only read the first page and not the other parts, they will have gotten the most relevant details relating to the applicant.

Write about unrelated jobs the right way

            Working different jobs that are not related to an individual’s dream career is a regular occurrence in the world today. People do so to make extra money to either finance their education or to raise more funds to make ends meet. While these jobs may play a crucial role in helping achieve their dreams, it is necessary not to focus on them too much in the resume. Instead, one can share achievements related to the job or awards issued to recognize good work. The resume should focus mainly on the available position and why the applicant is suitable to fill the vacancy.

Language skills are very important

            Speaking multiple languages can be a unique selling point for any applicant. Employers are aware that they can serve people from different walks of life who speak different languages in their companies. The idea of having an employee who can speak more than one language is one that most hirers can fancy. Some of the languages that can add value to an applicant’s resume include:




While indicating these languages, it is also crucial to note the level of proficiency in each language. An employer should not be led to having high hopes in their employees only to be disappointed later.

Prioritize education

            The resume must capture all the available academic qualifications of the applicant. Also, it can demonstrate the desire to continue learning. An ideal employee is one who shows that they are still open to learning and improving their skills. One of the reliable ways of improving is by seeking further education. There are different levels of education that can help improve a person’s skills and qualifications in their area of employment. For instance, when an applicant has only one degree, they can show their dedication and thirst for further education by indicating that they intend to enroll for a master’s degree in their field of study.  Current students can also resort to cheap essays for sale to dedicate more time to search for employment, while professional tutors are handling their academic work. The best thing about online writing services is that they can always be relied upon to deliver quality services.

Show knowledge and experience

            The people tasked with hiring new employees look for the best people who know what the job entails. Showing knowledge and detailing the experience an individual has is a significant stride towards landing the job. Experience is demonstrated through indicating previous similar positions that one may have held before. Knowledge, on the other hand, is shown by demonstrating an understanding of what the job requires. It also involves showing that the applicant has what it takes to meet the expectations of the potential employer. No one wants to take the risk of hiring a person who does not know what the job entails.

Include contact information

            A CV (Curriculum vitae) cannot be complete without the contact information of the applicant. The contact details must be up to date and ones that can be used to reach the applicant when they are needed. It is wrong to include information such as telephone numbers or email addresses that are no longer in use. The owner of the CV should always be in possession of the phone at all times. This way, they will not miss important calls or messages from the hiring authority. Other contact information includes the address of residence and Linkedin profile information. If an individual has their website, they can add it under the contact information.

Proofread and edit

             A resume must be free of mistakes before it is submitted. Reading it as many times as possible and editing it is the only guaranteed way of eliminating all mistakes. The internet is equipped with different tools that can aid in proofreading and editing tasks. Moreover, there are online service providers that are dedicated to such tasks and can proofread the CV and ensure it meets the required quality. An example is the essay writing service Essay Basics that can offer the best service to a client. There is no reason to toil with all the work, while these dedicated professionals are a click away. 

            Everyone can write an incredible resume with adequate preparation and commitment. The process requires a few simple steps that, when followed, will lead to success. Seeking guidance from successfully written CVs can help in pointing the student in the right direction. Also, valuable information should be given priority when writing. The resume must also focus on the education of an individual, skills, and experience that make them the ideal candidate. Contact information should be updated to make it possible to reach the applicant. Lastly, proofreading and editing the CV is the last step that is vital in making the whole process a success.

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