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AMAZing Place map

  1. Profile picture this can be and image of you or almost anything else(as long as it keeps within the community rules), to change it you must go to the profile part of the site (see 2. Below)
  2. Profile here you change your personal details and see which areas you receive information from (find out more in Filling in Your profile)
  3. Images Upload, manage and organise your images for articles and business listings (find out more in Adding Images)
  4. Sign Out this one is pretty self explanatory, sign out of your AMAZing Place
  5. AMAZing button -will take you back to this page wherever you are on the site, there is another one on the very top screen bar but we want to make it as easy as possible for you.
  6. Messages & Zingers find other people (Zingers) who use AMA and add them to a contact list then you can send each other messages. You will also receive notifications here which might include people commenting on your articles or people who want to add you to their Zingers list (find out more in Messages and Zingers)
  7. Articles create, edit, save as draft, publish or delete your own articles here (find out more in Posting Articles)
  8. Business Directory Listing - create, edit, save as draft, publish or delete your own business listings here, both free and paid for (find out more in Business help)

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