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Filling in your Profile

Some fields may already be filled from your original registration form.

What do we use the information for?

Mostly it’s used for us to identify you and your needs and some of it (Screen name and profile picture) are displayed across the site. The more we know about our users the better tools and developments we can give you, we don’t want to fill your inbox with spam/sales emails .

  1. Log in to (or register for) your AMAZing Place
  2. Click Profile

Personal Settings

  1. Fill in the Personal Information section – most of which is self explanatory. We need your sex and date of birth so that we can identify you if we need to help you with something, being a national network there are thousands of Zingers ( people).
  2. Screen name - This is a name that appears when you post articles or comments. On screen name, so if you were using AMA for something specific you could use a screen name appropriate to that. Eg. MP, Henley Primary Secretary, Bloggsy987 or of course your nick-name.
    If you don’t choose a screen name the system will automatically used your first name followed by the first letter or your surname. Eg. Joe Bloggs’ screen name would appear Joe B
  3. Security – if you tick the box an area will appear to enter your new password. It is a good idea to change your passwords every few months especially if you use public computers or Wifi. Here at Head Office we don’t know your password but unfortunately hackers can always find away.
  4. My Home Area – This is the postcode that you want to go straight to when you login normally, so you can browse the local site for news and events in your chosen area. Most people choose their postcode where their home is but you can always go for another area if you would like to.
  5. Profile Picture - The picture will appear when you zing (post) any comments on articles (see image above), if you don’t choose a picture the ‘Zinger’ image will automatically be used instead.
  6. Your Areas – These are areas that you have added to your profile and you can receive newsletters from these with links to the latest news. To add more areas you need to go to any page outside of your AMAZing Place (left hand side grey menu – news, community, charity etc) and you will see a light grey box on the right to navigate you through to another area.

About Me

  1. About Me – This box is where you put some information for people to keep up to date with what you doing and who you are. They will view it when search for you and also on their Zingers list (see image below):


  1. Login to your AMAZing Place
  2. Click Profile
  3. Choose the third tab along (after ‘Personal Settings’ and ‘About Me’)
  4. From here you can choose what actions you receive notifications for and where to get the information (personal email account and/or the message section in your AMAZing Place).
  5. You change the settings by ticking or unticking the boxes

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