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Messages & Fellow Zingers

This is the area to see manage your contacts and find new ones. You will also be able to see all your messages and notifications about the activity on sites and your articles.

Follow these simple steps to find and add someone to your Zingers list...

  1. Login to your AMAZing Place
  2. Click Messages & Zingers
  3. Click the Zingers button under your profile picture
  4. Click the Find New Zingers button under your profile picture (you getting the idea now?)
  5. Then you are taken to a ‘Search for contacts to add as Zingers' page. In this search box you can search by first name , surname or screen name.
  6. Click on Request Zinger once you have found the right person, thesystem will notify them that you have requested and once they've accepted you then you can communicate with them through the sites.

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