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Anna's Weekly Soap Update for Week Ending 20th April

Author: annahowelll Published: 22nd April 2012 21:40

Well what an emotional week in soap land.  For those of you who missed any of it, or simply want a recap before next week's fun and games begins, here is your weekly catch up.

For those of you who weren't aware, as of Friday last week (20/04/12) I no longer write for imediamonkey.com, but do not worry, as of Monday (22/04/12) you can catch all my TV news and gossip back on the site that I started my career with, www.unrealitytv.co.uk.

For all the latest news on the soaps and all other things media, be sure to check out www.unrealitytv.co.uk. You can also follow Anna on Twitter at @annahowelll .


Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) and Jimmy (Nick Miles) return from their romantic brake to discover that Kelly has packed Elliott off to live with them whilst she goes abroad for six months.  Nicola is furious, and refuses point blank, but when Jimmy puts his foot down she has no choice but to try and play stepmother.

Lisa (Jane Cox) has to leave work early after the school phones her and asks her to collect Samson.  Not wanting to have her pay docked, she asks Ali (Kelli Hollis) to cover for her.  Unfortunately for Ali, and ultimately everyone who ordered mint chocolates, this includes quality control, which involves reading, the one thing we have been recently informed she can't do.  When a complaint is made about a customer receiving the wrong order, Lisa is forced to tell Nikhil (Rik Makarem) and Jai (Chris Bisson) that Ali agreed to cover for her, but faced with the questioning, Ali buckles and denies the story.  The truth eventually comes out, and Ali is sacked for her efforts, forcing most of her family to storm the gates of Willy Wonka to tell the Sharma Sharma's how nasty they were.  When Ruby (Alicya Eyo) is informed that her dismissal was down to her dishonesty rather than the mistake, she questions her partners motives, forcing Sean (who seemed to gain passion, sensitivity and care the moment Aaron bordered the plane to France) to tell her about his mum's ‘illegitimacy' (you couldn't make it up).  Ruby is very supportive, and promises it won't make any difference to their relationship (which isn't saying much, as if she has never noticed before, it certainly suggests a lack of menu reading on romantic nights out) and all is well.  Happy with the difference the truth seems to have made at his hands, Sean rushes over to the chocolate factory and blurts out the truth to Sharma and Sharma, and they go round to see Ali and re-employ her, as well as an afternoon a week off to get adult literacy classes. Isn't that nice?

Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Cameron (Dominic Power) spend the week flirting then saying they can't, then flirting some more, then saying they definitely cant, then...well, you get the point.

Sandy (Freddie Jones) goes along with Ashley's (John Middleton) plan to get moved into a home, but Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) doesn't take the news well, especially after Gabby lets it slip that Ashley pushed Sandy causing the injury to his wrist.  At the home, on a visit, Sandy looks close to buckling under the pressure of Laurel repeating the same questions, ‘are you sure this is what you want, is there something you aren't telling me', over and over again, but regains composure at the sight of Father Frightening heating up to blow his temper again.  Back home and laurel is even more suspicious, she goes to collect the children making a detour to Rachel's (Gemma Oaten) house (well, her sisters as she doesn't actually appear to have one of her own, and can only be found there or in the pub).  Whilst there she asks Rachel to tell her what she has been telling anyone who will listen for the last month, and it is clear that she is starting to believe it now.  Ashley looks out the window and sees her coming out of the house, and goes absolutely mental at his father, thinking he has told Laurel what has been going on. For once, sandy sticks up for himself, but gets a swift, sharp back hander for his troubles, right as Laurel walks through the door, witnessing the entire scene.  Laurel takes Sandy round to Edna's (Shirley Stelfox) to stay for the night and gets Dianne (Elizabeth Estensen) to keep hold of the kids.  She and Ashley have it out, and he starts to blame what happened between her and Marlon (Mark Charnock) for making him so uptight and intent on making things perfect there so she would never consider leaving him again.  Laurel, who was ever so slightly smug that her saintly husband had trumped her ‘nearly had an affair' naughty card, tells him if Sandy decides to come home it is up to him whether Ashley stays in the house or has to move out (hang on, that house is the vicarage, it comes with Ashley's job, so how would you figure that, I am pretty sure that the first lady could not kick president Obama out of the Whitehouse under any circumstance, old people abuse included) and that if he does stay then he is never allowed to be left alone with either his father or the kids again.  The next morning, sandy (who, again needs to be acknowledged for some of the most convincing and heart-breakingly realistic acting I have seen since Jackson died) tells Laurel he wants to go home. They all go back, and Father Frightening thinks he has won and everything will go back to the way it was, until Laurel tells him that she is only staying for Sandy, she wants nothing more to do with him.

Declan (Jason Merelles) tries to win back Katie (Sammy Winward) with a huge bunch of flowers, which seems to do the trick, in fact so happy was he that the flowers got her to move back in, he then bought her a car (wonder what he thought that would achieve?).  Megan (Gaynor Faye) is evidentially miffed that she didn't manage to break them up, and spends the week making spiteful digs at the pair of them, and even Jai for good measure, before ending up sleeping with Carl (Tom Lister) at the end of the week (see, actions do have consequences in soaps after all).  During one, rather mundane conversation about how she should be nicer between her and Declan, it does get leaked that she has a child though, and by Declan's comment, it would seem she doesn't have much to do with him...hands up who could see that happening?

Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) is really starting to fall for Eric (Chris Chittel) despite their ‘no strings, no attachment' rule, and causes Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) to get worried for her mums feelings.  Meanwhile, Amy (Chelsea Half-Penny)figures out who is making all the nocturnal noises at the B&B, and when she challenges Eric on the matter he tells her basically that he is just using Brenda, right about the same moment Brenda walks in (who would have thought it, eh?)  He chases after her and tries to convince her it was hat they agreed and that he didn't want to discuss their relationship in detail with Amy, but she is furious and ends it with him there and then.  And would you believe it, at that moment he realises he is actually quite fond of her too, and spends the rest of the week trying to get her to take him back.

Gennie is still silently fuming over Charity's (Emma Atkins) hostile take-over-bid of her desk and fillofax, and things aren't helped when Jai packs off his wife to Cologne for three weeks on a business trip.  Charity is over the moon, once she has mulled over how she could leave Noah for so long (same way you leave him when you, Jai, Nikhil, Gennie and all the Dingle's are up the Woolpack together every night - the great soap day care centre), she packs her bags and sets off, not a second thought for her pregnant daughter who is trying to rebuild her charcoaled business, her brother who has had an attempt on his life made twice this year already, her uncle who has just been in hospital for anxiety or her cousin who's gay son has just run off to France, who says Charity begins at home, eh?

Coronation Street

Betty's (Betty Driver) son, Gordon (original actor who is the  Everton FC chairman, Bill Kenwright - I kid you not!), is due to take Rita (Barbara Knox) and Emily (Eileen Derbyshire) to visit his poorly mum this week, but when he arrives he has to break the devastating news that she has sadly already passed away.  Betty Driver who had played Betty Turpin, or Hotpot Betty as she is commonly known, passed away in real life earlier this year, so the scenes shown this week, although written and acted, displayed the cast and crews real heartbreak at having to say goodbye to such a soap legend, which made the entire week very emotional and touching.  On hearing the news, the entire Street comes together to mourn a dear friend and all help Gordon with the arrangements for her funeral.  Rita, Emily and Stella (Michelle Collins) all go to her house to help Gordon go through her things (vultures) when Rita discovers a letter sent to Betty after Annie Walkers death leaving her the Rovers Return in her will.  Things look a bit shaky there for Stella for a while, but Gordon ends the week by saying that his mother didn't want the pub and so neither does he, which is very nice (although, probably very unnecessary as unclaimed inheritances tends to have an expiry date attached, meaning that the pub would never have rightfully stood up in court as his, but still).  Sean (Anthony Cotton) is left the famous hotpot recipe and entrusted to keep the special dish alive in her memory (doesn't he have like four jobs, people could be waiting a hell of a time for lunch if he is sewing knickers in the factory till half twelve!) and the final tribute to the wonderful Betty (who never wanted to be landlady) is a picture placed on the wall, saying she was landlady!

Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies) has taken on a new job in the building next to Nick's (Ben Price) Bistro, which is to become a new bar (that tram must have really hit hard to create that much new property space, as I am almost certain when it hit last year there was no vacant building either side of the destroyed bar), and the new proprietor turns out to be Terry Duckworth (played by original actor, Nigel Pivaro).  Tommy (Chris Fountain), who has just got himself the OK for a mortgage to buy Jason's(Ryan Thomas) flat for him and Tina (Michelle Keegan) to live in (That will be the second man she has convinced to buy her that flat!) is over the moon to see his dad, but unfortunately, Terry is less than fatherly to him.  He tries on several occasions to talk to his dad, as does Tina, before Tyrone (who has been brandished Mr bad guy for trying to steer his friend away from Duckworth) is forced to reveal the truth about Terry selling Tommy to his grandparents after his mum died. Faced with that information, Tommy decides he no longer wants to buy the flat and will instead spend his inheritance on a trip round Europe in his clamped out camper van with Tina.  Terry overhears someone talking about this in the pub and cottons on to Tommy's inheritance and decides to play nice for a share of the money. When it is clear that isn't going to work, he starts causing trouble between Tommy and Tyrone (Alan Halsall), then after the pair fall out he twists the knife in, poisoning his son against his best friend and convinces him to quit at the garage and come and work for him.

After being arrested on Friday for criminal damage and assaulting a police officer, Audrey (Sue Nichols) decides enough is enough and decides to bury the hatchet with David (Jack P Shepherd); unfortunately David has other plans and renames the salon, as well as getting the police to issue an injunction against his grandmother.  Even Gayle (Helen Worth) has backed off now, and seems to be making an effort with Lewis (Nigel Havers), but David continues to steam ahead with his plans for roller domination.  Audrey is not won to take it lying down though, and phones her solicitor to say that she was forced to sign over the salon, by David.

Ken (William Roache) lets Leanne (Jane Danson) see Simon again this week, but they are nearly caught by an early returning Peter (Chris Gasgoyne).  With Simon seeming much more cheerful after his secret visit with his soon to be ex step-mum, it seems that Ken and Leanne's plan is backfiring quite dramatically as Peter puts his new sunny disposition down to the fact that he is accepting the situation, and Carla (Alison King), and moving on.

Stella has Karl (John Michie) on a very tight lead this week, and he is feeling small and emasculated at every possible opportunity.  However, instead of taking his punishment like a man, resentment sets in and before you know it he is locking lips with Sunita (Shobna Gulati) out the back again!


Billy (Perry Fenwick) has been released from police custody following Mandy's (Nicola Stapleton) alibi, but the entire square is suspicious of him and think he is Heather's killer.  When Mandy finds him in the pub, she tells him it was she who gave him the alibi, but that no one can ever know as she doesn't want Ian (Adam Woodyatt) to find out she was with an ex boyfriend.

Ian is smugger than ever this week when he finally takes the reins of the Café back.  Lucy (Hetti Bywater) sees this as her opportunity to flaunt her importance to Mandy (Nicola Stapleton), but is left with egg on her face the new name of the Cafe is revealed to be Mandy's, not Lucy's as she had thought! 

During the cafe launch ceremony the stares aimed at her grandfather get too much for Lola (Danielle Harold), and she takes centre stage to announce his innocence, proved by Mandy, followed by the reason he wasn't meant to tell thrown in for good measure.  Mandy spends the rest of the week trying to make Ian see that she is taking the cafe seriously, but he is playing hardball when it comes to forgiveness.  The situation gets so bad that she actually ends up turning to arch nemesis, Bianca (Patsy Palmer) for friendship and moral support.

Bianca is really struggling to put food on the table this week.  Having spent what little was left from the loans she took out on make up to sell, she is realising that the women of Walford are not that fussy when it comes to appearances when she fails to make a single sale.  When Shenice comes over for dinner, Tiffany gives her one of her mums lip gloss's as she is embarrassed when her mum feeds her one fish finger and beans for tea, but when Bianca see's it missing she storms round to the Vic to have it out with Shenice, but gets the wrath of Roxy (Rita Simons) instead.  The brawling women are pulled apart, with Bianca storming off declaring she hates her uncle's (random).  Thing get even worse when Tanya (Jo Joyner) invites the whole Jackson family over for a dinner to apologise, but ends up insulting Bianca when she bags the leftovers up for them to take back after she catches Morgan stealing roast potatoes and hiding them in his pocket for later. 

Roxy confides in Christian (John Partridge) about her new crush, without telling him who it is on, although he does guess that the man must be married.  When the fight between Roxy and Bianca breaks out, Christian sees the look between Alfie (Shane Richie) and Roxy and puts two and two together.  Unfortunately, Derek (Jamie Foreman) spots the look too, and decides to play with Roxy by pretending that he has sent Alfie on a dangerous job and that he isn't coming back.  When Alfie does come back, Roxy is forced to admit to him her feelings, but he does not reciprocate them, leaving her humiliated and unemployed.

Shirley (Linda Henry) ups her game with her vigilante investigation into her friend's murder this week, as well as recruiting Andrew (Ricky Grover) as a life size replacement best friend, much to Phil (Steve McFadden) and Ben's (Joshua Pascoe) horror.  When she questions Jean (Gillian Wright) about keeping quiet over seeing Andrew the night of the murder, she is shocked to hear that it was Phil who advised her to say nothing.  This hits far too close to home for Ben, who lies to Phil saying that he heard him talking about the murder in his sleep, forcing the menacing mechanic to kick Shirley out in order to stop her from discovering the truth.

Michael (Steve John Shepherd) and Jean's friendship takes an unexpected turn this week, when he confides in her about not being able to fund a young boys training.  In the meantime, Janine (Charlie Brooks) has declared that as she is paying for the wedding, Michael has no say in the plans and gives him a pink tie to wear on the day.  Jean is moved by the story of the young boxer and decides to give her lottery winnings to Michael as an investment into a programme to get young lads off the street, but Michael hands the money over to Janine in order to wear a blue tie to his wedding.

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