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The Best Guide for the Neston Area

Neston news, reviews and local events in Neston areas including Little Neston, Parkgate, Willaston, and communities in Neston.

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"Thanks for all the hard work you put in to keep the CH64 site up to date, as we seem to have no local free weekly papers it is the only way to keep up with what is going on in the Neston area."
- Andy Lett

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Productions are listed in reverse-chronological order (most recent at the top). Click on the relevant play title for full reviews and photo galleries.

Neston Players - Dinner

Dinner by Moira Buffini - November 2013

This definitely bad-taste comedy is "Abigail's Party" transported to the realms of the well-heeled middle classes. Acerbic and caustic comments fly like poisonous darts across the dinner table leaving a trail of carnage in their wake ... and what is the real identity of the sinister waiter?


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Neston Players - Eurobeat

Eurobeat by Craig Christie & Andrew Patterson - May 2013

This tongue-in-cheek celebration of all we love about the Eurovision Song Contest was described as one of the most exuberant and joyous musicals to have appeared on stage in recent years. Eurobeat was conceived in Australia and has toured extensively - in the UK the show was a sell-out hit at the Edinburgh Festival, in the West End - and in Neston, 2013!


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Neston Players - A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men by Aaron Sorkin - November 2012

In the heart of the nation's capital, in a courthouse of the U.S. government, one man will stop at nothing to keep his honour, and one will stop at nothing - to uncover the truth.


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Neston Players Cheshire Cats

Cheshire Cats by Gail Young - May 2012

Grown women, aching feet and heaving bosoms! The 'Cheshire Cats' team speedwalk their way to fund raising success in the London Moonwalk. A girls' weekend away with a difference - trainers and decorated bras are in, high heels and designer labels out. But a last minute substitute to the team doesn't seem to meet the physical criteria. . . . The 'Cats' put their best feet forward in this comic tribute to all those who participate in The Moonwalk and other fund raising walks up and down the country.


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Neston Players Prescription For Murder

Prescription For Murder by Norman Robbins - November 2011

There is never a dull moment for busy Dr. Richard Forth. He has an awkward yet close friendship with his ex-girlfriend while his wife, Barbara, is chronically and mysteriously ill. Richard believes her symptoms are psychological, but when a stranger claims to have known Richard's second fiancée, a woman Richard says does not exist, Barbara's health worsens and it becomes apparent somebody is out to kill her and anyone else who gets in their way.


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Neston Players Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Constance Cox - May 2011

Based on the witty short story by Oscar Wilde, a delightful and marvellously funny picture of Victorian upper class morality is revealed in the planning of Lord Arthur's wedding to the lovely Sybil.

The wedding day draws ever nearer, but in a world of toffs and ladies, butlers and maids, mysterious strangers and the odd - very odd - anarchist, the bridegroom must first commit a murder!

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Neston Players Quentin Quickbuck's Party

Quentin Quickbuck's Party (For Dear Little Orphans) by Helen Stewart - February 2011

Scheming skulduggery at Witchampton Hall: With machiavellian machinations to bamboozle the most ardent follower of 'Midsomer', Neston Players served up a second, fabulous Murder Mystery evening, courtesy of the pen of Helen Stewart...

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Comfort And Joy

Comfort And Joy by Mike Harding - November 2010

´╗┐It's Christmas. Relatives you hardly ever see arrive at your house for the festivities. No-one receives a present that is at all appropriate. Culinary disasters abound.

Long buried resentments rear their ugly heads as the alcohol flows and tongues are loosened. And the plumbing goes wrong. Painfully - but always amusingly - familiar...

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Shadowlands by William Nicholson - May 2010

Oxford, 1952, and C.S Lewis (author of the ‘Chronicles of Narnia') is living a quiet and ordered life. His solitude is shattered by the arrival of the outgoing American poet, Joy Gresham and her young son Douglas, and a deep friendship begins between the two. Yet, when Joy is taken ill and Lewis is faced with the possibility of her death, he struggles to be open to the joy of love when it entails the pain of loss.

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The Frog And The Fungus

The Frog And The Fungus by Helen Stewart  - February 2010

In the finest tradition of the Panto Season, Neston Players staged a riotous performance of a hilarious, original play by Helen Stewart at the Ship Hotel, Parkgate on Saturday February 6th.

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Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Whose Life Is It Anyway? by Brian Clarke - November 2009

A young sculptor at the height of her career is left paralyzed following a car accident. Five months on in hospital, she is still cracking jokes with amazing spirit and is very much the life and soul of the hospital. Her condition eventually stabilizes - but is not expected to improve...

This dark comedy challenges the moral and ethical issues relating to the right to time one's own death.

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When In A Hole, Stop Digging

When In A Hole, Stop Digging by Cliff Inns and Marnie Clark - July 2009

An original play, commissioned in tribute to the Miners of Neston during 250 years of Mining Industry in the local area. A bitter rivalry between loval Mine owners Cottingham and Stanley comes to a dramatic head.

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Once A Catholic

Once A Catholic by Mary O'Malley - April 2009

A wonderfully funny, affectionate and highly successful comedy which sets out a sharply critical exposition of a Catholic girlhood in a convent school in the late 1950s. The play follows the antics of three fifth-form girls at the Convent of Our Lady of Fatima as they try to navigate their final year...

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Out Of Focus

Out Of Focus by Peter Gordon - December 2008

Helen has arrived at the Church Hall with her troupe of terrorising Brownies in tow. Kath and Bob arrive ready for their planned badminton game amidst their own marital quarrels about Bob's secretary Linda, who also arrives ready to play, with ladies' man Wayne not far behind. David and Sue show up for the big game even though Leonard insists he has booked the hall for an illustrated talk on steam locomotives and Evonne is certain she has arranged for the rehearsal of her very first pantomime. Confusion reigns until everyone finally unites for a common cause, the production of the pantomime...

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The Memory Of Water

The Memory Of Water by Shelagh Stephenson - April 2008

A play about three sisters who return home after the death of their mother. Throughout the play, the sisters struggle over who remembers which events more clearly, only to find that individual memories and experiences can become fuzzy, and that family stories, many times re-told, become free game to be re-shaped and detailed until the story develops so far that it surpasses the memory...


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Love Me Slender

Love Me Slender by Vanessa Brooks - December 2007

A bitter-sweet comedy, and follows the progress of Siobhan and her six recruits as they attend a series of meetings at Siobhan’s dieting club over the course of one winter. The meetings are held in the church hall, with the backdrop of the various services being held in church beyond, from Harvest  Festival  through to Easter.

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