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Police, Council and Residents Unite Against Speeders Through Burton

Published: 28th February 2015 11:48

Police, CWAC Wardens, Councillors and Burton Residents Association representatives got together this week, as close partners in the community, to review and look at solutions to long term concerns around the speed of vehicles travelling through the historic village of Burton.

Police, Council and Residents unite against speeders through BurtonPictured (l-r):PC Paul Barlow, Councillor Louise Gittins, Sgt Greenhalgh, Shamen Naidu, Michael Redmond (Burton Residents Association Chair), Councillor Kay Loch and Donald Howell (Burton Community Speed Watch Lead).

Over recent years the village has seen an increase in through-traffic. Local residents requested a review of the current speed limit and assessment of future action that can be taken to discourage speeding.

The purpose of the meeting was to see first hand the traffic flow at peak times and to discuss what action can be taken long term to re-enforce the existing 30mph limit. Partners in attendance were fully aware that there is a campaign to reduce the limit to 20mph through the village, something that would require significant investment and traffic calming measures.

As it stands currently the 30mph limit is enforced by police who consistently urge drivers to take extra care through the village and respect those living in it. All those in attendance have pledged to continue to work closely over the coming months to improve the traffic flow within the 30mph zones.

Sgt Greenhalgh said: "Whilst we have Community Speed Watch run by PCSOs and volunteers in the community, the Police do also have the ability to carry out ‘speed enforcement', and those driving through the village exceeding the limits will not know if it is an advisory letter they are going to get in the post, a notification that may lead to them attending a Driver Improvement Course (at their own expense) or even court action."



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At 11:10 on 4th March 2015, hfb46 commented:
I have yet to see any evidence of speeders in Burton. Each time I drive through the village I am confronted with on-road parking and drivers courteously negotiating their way around the obstructions. I don't believe the "Willaston" approach is necessary or desirable and would constitute an unnecessary expense to the council budget.

For me the warning signs at the entrance to the village serve as a useful reminder to check my speed and are all that is needed. I am dubious about the speed data being collected as my recollection is they tend to collect it at the brow of the hill where drivers may marginally exceed the limit as they accelerate up the incline. Maybe this data could be shared to support any proposals.

Please keep any future actions in proportion to the perceived issue.
At 21:55 on 4th March 2015, SHric commented:
I agree about the speeding, but I also think something should be done about the pavement parking forcing pedestrians to walk in the road.
At 00:16 on 5th March 2015, Mandy commented:
I agree that roadside parking causes a lot of problems. I wonder how people COULD speed through as there is never a clear run anyway? The parking opposite the mid village junction that leads down to the school and the RSPB reserve is a real hazard . It makes it very difficult to turn at this junction,which already has restricted vision due to the walls each side.
null n
At 10:34 on 5th March 2015, null n commented:
If you observe Liverpool Road in Neston on an average evening I would say very few people stick to the 30 limit with speeding ranging from those who just don't realise they have crept slightly over the limit to the handful who just don't respect it and drive in great excess of the limit.

If we have police traffic resources tackling speeding in the CH64 area could we please focus some of them on areas with a far larger population where the risk to life is far greater, especially children who are less road-savvy. In the past years I have read of speed campaigns in Burton, Hinderton Road and Earle Drive, and have to wonder why these areas are the only focus of the campaign.
Recte Numerare
At 17:31 on 6th March 2015, Recte Numerare commented:
Get over it, Burton. There are far more important things for our trained police to involve themselves in. Why only this week a client had her dog kennel stolen. Whatever next?
A few moments outside our schools would reveal some really dangerous antics by drivers high on last night's wine and pills..........
At 12:25 on 7th March 2015, SGT DG commented:
Dear All. I have noted your comments and fully appreciate all of the views expressed. I would like to make a few points clear;
1. Speed data is collated independantly from the Police. It is done by a department within the Coucil - Highways. It has been done in two seperate locations through Burton (Oct'14). I understand that data is publically available.
2. Burton does have drivers who speed through it. Data does exist that evidences this, from Highways and also the Community Speed Watch. Thankfully it is a small proportion.
3. Parking on pavements - Burton is an old village that was built before cars. Parking off road is not available to all houses through the village arterial route. Obstruction is an offence (driving onto a pavement is too).
4. Speed campaigns and Community Speed watch is not just soley done in Burton. I have reduced the CSW in Burton to allow other locations to also have this.

Dealing with parking in a village like Burton is something that needs to be kept in perspective. Obstruction is not acceptable as it could inconvenience or put others in danger. If a car has 2 wheels on the pavement, whilst not ideal, so long as there is easy access on the pavement past it no one has been inconvenienced.

CSW will continue to happen in Burton and surrounding areas. I am more than happy to incude other suggested locations if there is an issue, if it is felt that CSW will help have an impact. CSW will not take place on fast roads (ie A540), as the camera enforcement will manage this together with marker police cars (and some not so marked!!).

Thankyou for your comments as I find them useful to gauge a general feeling and what is wanted within the community.

Sgt Greenhalgh
At 12:06 on 11th March 2015, MJH commented:
A few more observations if I may:

Speed itself should not be the issue - it is "inappropriate speed" that is the problem.

For example 20mph past a school between (say) 8.30 and 9.15 am is appropriate - but so could 40mph be at (say) 10pm.

Those who exceed a posted 30mph limit, will undoubtably still exceed a 20mph limit! Surely what is needed is better driver training?

Perhaps "friendly" signs such as "Please Drive Carefully Through Our Village" would have as much effect as a blanket 20mph limit - and be cheaper?

I am reminded (with a huge amount of amusement) of the Mayor of Bristol who was instrumental in introducing local 20mph limits, who recently got caught for speeding.......

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