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Garden Waste Collection Now Suspended Until 01 March

Published: 28th January 2021 12:08

The garden waste collection service will now be suspended until Monday 1 March 2021.

This suspension has been extended to give Cheshire West and Chester Council more flexibility, to make sure that the main waste and recycling collections can be maintained during the current circumstances (COVID-19).

Garden waste

It is customary for the Green Bin collections to pause over Christmas and New Year, but they usually resume in mid-January. However, this hiatus was initially extended to 8 February and now again until Monday 1 March 2021. 

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Strategic Transport, Councillor Karen Shore said: "By extending the suspension of our garden waste collections we will give Cheshire West Recycling the resilience to cope with the added pressures caused by the on-going pandemic."

Garden waste can be recycled at your nearest recycling centre or you can compost at home

More about Council waste and recycling can be found on the website here.

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At 16:56 on 29th January 2021, Steph commented:
I hope this drop in service will be reflected in the reduced Community charge bills we should expect from March 21... It’s about time we got some something back...
Colliery L
At 17:27 on 29th January 2021, Colliery L commented:
I totally agree with Steph. CWAC keeps hammering residents with the maximum 4.99% council tax increase year on year yet the level of service is rapidly declining. Other local authorities with the same demographics and costs as CWAC have managed to either freeze or cut their council tax charges without having to reduce or cut services. CWAC treat their residents as cash cows to be ripped off year after year.
Ian B
At 20:34 on 29th January 2021, Ian B commented:
Ian B
At 20:37 on 29th January 2021, Ian B commented:
Usual story. Pay more for worse service. Since CWAC are NOT providing the service, it should be reflected in lower council tax bills. I hope residents have made their views known about the crazy proposals to change household bin collection to every THREE weeks, and to charge for all garden waste.

At 17:03 on 30th January 2021, poppy6 commented:
Please email the councillor responsible for these issues Karen.Shore@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk and our local councillor and leader of council louise.gittins@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk as they need to know how people feel. Grey bins collected every three weeks is also an absolute disgrace and I would not pay my council tax if this happens.

At 17:04 on 30th January 2021, poppy6 commented:
Please also recognise that the council are having to cut corners due to central Government (Tories) massively slashing money councils get, however, waste collection is an important issue and not one to cut corners for.
CO Jones
At 09:55 on 31st January 2021, CO Jones commented:
For some sense of balance, we voted for the three weekly collection and the paying for green waste collection. The green waste vote seemed the least worst option from our perspective.
At 14:39 on 31st January 2021, poppy6 commented:
Great three weeks of stinking rubbish bins, I see so many posts about dog muck so those of us with animals will bring it all home then leave it in our bins for three weeks to fester in the summer, lovely!
Colliery L
At 12:44 on 1st February 2021, Colliery L commented:
The only thing CWAC are not cutting is councillor expenses as residents are forced to fork out for this along with the high cost, poor quality services forced on them by an incompetently run council.
At 13:14 on 1st February 2021, poppy6 commented:
https://inside.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/searchresults/?search=salary%20of%20chief%20executive#. Have a look at the huge salaries senior staff get at CWAC, the buck should stop there and not pass on to hard pressed residents! Director of resources gets over £126,000 a year!
Colliery L
At 14:20 on 1st February 2021, Colliery L commented:
I totally agree with you poppy6. The senior management team and all the councillors at CWAC won't be taking any financial hit as they have their snouts deep in the public funding trough. As usual the bill for their mismanagement of the council is forced onto council taxpayers. If any of them had a shred of decency or a spine they would resign but we can all dream.
At 12:03 on 3rd February 2021, Bob commented:
Totally agree with most of these comments. Put up the council tax and lower the service. No doubt it will be another 4.99% on the rates this year!
The idea of a 3-week bin collection in the summer is unthinkable. Smell, maggots and probably rats as well. Then we have the problem of street cleaning – or a lack of it A few years ago the council spent a vast amount of money bringing in the 20MPH in the area. Not many cars seem to take much notice of it and I have never seen any enforcement of it!
It is also about time the council controlled the amount of money being paid to senior staff. I find it very difficult to justify the salaries being paid.
What is also very frighting is that we can do nothing but to pay the rate demands. Not paid welcome the bailiff!
At 16:34 on 3rd February 2021, christine commented:
Well that is certainly one long holiday. Once again no communication from council. We put our green bin out on Monday and now we hear the services will resume 1st March, this seriously is unbelievable.
With regards to collecing household rubbish every 3 weeks, after two weeks our bin is full and I dread to think in Summer if we have to wait 3 weeks. We refuse to pay extra for garden waste to be taken away. Council tax is high enough. These bins must be gold plated. I for one will be putting garden waste in black bin and they can get on with it.
Gil F
At 15:12 on 15th February 2021, Gil F commented:
Councillor Karen Shore said: "By extending the suspension of our garden waste collections we will give Cheshire West Recycling the resilience to cope with the added pressures caused by the on-going pandemic." If CWAC personnel are absent through COVID, isolation or furlough, this places no financial pressure on the council. Absent staff will be paid partial salary if furloughed (funded by government) or SSP if absent for isolation or COVID (also funded by government). When the budgets are set, they are broken down according to the cost of the services CWAC provides. Logically, if CWAC do not provide a service, they should give a partial refund of council tax. Perhaps the top execs might be able to visit a twin town (on us) or have a little bonus (on us).

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