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  • Police Chief Warns Of Online Shopping Fraud

    Published: Tue, 23/04/2013 11:00
    A senior police officer is urging people across the Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police areas to be on their guard against internet shopping scams.
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  • 2013 Budget Overview By Paul Flintoft Of Moneyminds

    Published: Thu, 21/03/2013 17:14
    Paul Flintoft from Moneyminds has compiled an overview of the 2013 budget.
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  • Budget 2012 - Key Points At A Glance

    Published: Wed, 21/03/2012 14:25
    Here is a summary of the key points of the 2012 budget by the Chancellor George Osborne.
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  • Ultra-Luxurious Concept Yacht Comes with a Custom Supercar

    Published: Wed, 12/10/2011 20:55
    If you can find a way to not spend any money and live to the age of 150, you stand a decent chance of one day being able to afford the Strand Craft 122, the incredibly luxurious and mouth-watering concept yacht, that comes with a custom supercar!
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  • Credit Card Fraud Prevention Advice

    Published: Thu, 08/09/2011 12:33
    The majority of Internet card fraud involves a criminal obtaining genuine card details in the real world that are then used to shop online. Consumers can minimise the chances of becoming a victim by keeping card details as secure as possible.
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  • Rugby Based 'MoneyMinds Ltd' Explains How To Reclaim Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance

    Published: Mon, 09/05/2011 17:11
    If you have taken out any form of unsecured finance (e.g. a credit card or loan) the lender may have suggested or even insisted that you take out payment protection insurance (PPI) to protect you against not being able to work due to ill health, accident or to protect you against redundancy. Moneyminds explain how you can reclaim this.
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  • State Pension Increasing To £155 Per Week

    Published: Mon, 11/04/2011 20:11
    It has been announced the state pension will become a universal £155 per week for all, this includes men and women of all economic situations.
    Full story
  • Is Uk Economic Growth Reaching The End?

    Published: Wed, 30/03/2011 13:17
    Is economic growth as we know it over in the UK? Can the efforts of government and the Bank of England kick-start the economy towards another period of long-term economic growth?
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  • March 2011 Budget - An Overview from 'MoneyMinds'

    Published: Thu, 24/03/2011 12:37
    It has been exactly 9 months since the last budget. Yesterday’s budget was about reforming the economy so the UK can have enduring growth for the future and as chancellor George Osborne put it “raising the living standards of families”.

    Full story
  • Financial Planning Advice from Money Minds

    Published: Fri, 18/02/2011 16:38
    Failing to plan, is planning to fail. The number one reason that people struggle financially is simply because they do not have a financial plan
    Full story
  • Warning of scam phone calls

    Published: Wed, 09/02/2011 15:34
    Consumers are being targeted by telephone scammers claiming to be from the government, the Office of Fair Trading, a high street bank or a legitimate claims management company. The fraudsters suggest that the consumer could receive payments, for example the repayment of bank charges or other debts.
    Full story
  • Get Out Of Debt - Advice from 'Money Minds'

    Published: Thu, 13/01/2011 16:14
    Do you want to get out of debt? Debt advice and help is available for people who are struggling to pay for general living expenses such as a mortgage, rent and household bills.
    Full story
  • Sid The Shark Comes to Rugby on 4/12/10

    Published: Tue, 30/11/2010 14:34
    Sid the Shark will be visiting the Clock Towers Shopping Centre in Rugby on Saturday 4th December between 10am and 3pm to raise awareness of the dangers of borrowing money from loan sharks.

    Full story
  • Charity warns of debt dangers

    Published: Mon, 29/11/2010 11:54
    RUGBY’S debt counselling charity Christians Against Poverty has issued a stark warning of the dangers of relying heavily on credit to fund Christmas.

    Full story
  • 'Tis the season to wise-up to online fraudsters

    Published: Mon, 29/11/2010 11:36
    Criminals are on the web lurking to scam shoppers this Christmas warn officers from Warwickshire Police force.
    Full story
  • Get Safe Online!

    Published: Mon, 15/11/2010 12:37
    Organised criminal gangs are exploiting security-conscious internet users by tricking them into downloading and paying for anti-virus (AV) protection which is actually malicious software – known as ‘scareware’ – in disguise.
    Full story
  • UK growth figures exceed expectations

    Published: Tue, 26/10/2010 15:35
    Hopes of a sustained recovery were fuelled today after official figures revealed Britain's economy grew by a better-than-expected 0.8% during the third quarter
    Full story
  • Why Use a Mortgage Broker to Arrange Your Mortgage?

    Published: Sun, 18/04/2010 22:32
    Whether you are a first time buyer, moving home or remortgaging, you could be seriously better off if you use an independent mortgage broker. Why?
    Full story
  • Top Tips for Online Banking

    Published: Sat, 27/02/2010 16:19
    Criminals are always looking for ways to access accounts, and your bank needs your cooperation to keep your money safe...
    Full story
  • Good News Doesnt Always Travel Fast

    Published: Tue, 06/01/2009 02:11
    Some simple investing advice for during the credit crunch.
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  • Child Tax Credits

    Published: Tue, 06/01/2009 01:32
    Factsheet explaining whether you are entitled to the Child Tax Credit and the childcare element of the Working Tax Credit.
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