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Creating a Basic Business Listing

To add a business listing you will have to register on the sites Help with setting up your AMAZing Place account link to 'Setting Up your AMAZing Place account'.

Follow these simple steps to add your basic business listing free of charge.

  1. Log into My AMAZing Place
  2. Click Business Directory Listings
  3. Click the lower choice of Create A Basic Listing (or if it's not your first listing then click on New Listing on the top left of your listings list and then the same top choice)
  4. You will now be on the business listing settings page fill in your company details. You can fill in 1 category to appear in.
  5. Click Next at the bottom and then choose the area(s) you would like your listing to appear on by working down the regions
  6. Hit the 'Zing it!' button when you want the listing to go live

See the difference between a free and a paid for listing (from 4 per week and available to book online).

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