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How Much Do You Value Your Life?

Author: Brian M Published: 8th June 2020 12:41

AboutMyArea Neston reader Brian M writes to express his concern over how some local supermarkets are apparently failing to protect customers and staff.

Rather than moaning about other people using the Wirral Way or Sustrans 568 Greenway, has anyone noticed something potentially far more dangerous in certain Neston supermarkets? The evident lack of any anti-virus cleaning of trolleys or any proper social distancing in both Tesco and Aldi, is a matter of significant concern.

I was appalled to see in both:

  1. No control on the number of customers entering;
  2. No obvious cleaning of trolleys;
  3. Customers wandering aimlessly, with a group of four in Aldi even blocking the aisle to chat.

I have no connection to any UK supermarket chain and have no axe to grind with either of the above. If any reader works in either Neston Tesco or Aldi, show this to your store manager please.

Both my family and I know which supermarket will have our business once lockdown is over, as Sainsbury's both controls the number of people entering and provides cleaning material in the lobby.

Shopping trolley

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At 12:53 on 8th June 2020, SHric commented:
I've been shopping in Heswall Tesco, and they are doing their best to keep things under control there. Numbers in the store are carefully controlled and they have staff trying to get the customers to adhere to the direction signs, although not all do.
Colliery L
At 13:01 on 8th June 2020, Colliery L commented:
If Neston Aldi and Tesco are not adhering to the guidelines about sanitising trolley/basket handles, social distancing and controlling customer numbers then they may be putting their own staff at risk of Covid-19 as well as their customers. All businesses have a duty of care to staff/customers and therefore must adhere to current health and safety guidelines. This is especially true in the current pandemic where the 'R' rate is estimated to be above one in the northwest area which obviously includes Neston.
At 13:13 on 8th June 2020, AnnC commented:
I agree with your comments re Aldi. Their cleaning station is inside the store and not very obvious. I think it should be by the trollies so that they can be cleaned before touching them.
I feel much safer in Sainsbury’s.
Haven’t shopped in Tescos Neston so can’t comment. However, Tesco’s at Little Sutton are great. Member of staff outside supervising cleaning station and restricting entry until adequate space inside. Top marks for them.
At 13:57 on 8th June 2020, Snapdragon commented:
Tesco did have a "monitor" outside keeping count and control of numbers when I visited but no obvious antibac process. I have my own antibac gel anyway. Again, Aldi did have a customer numbers checker but antibac not obvious.
Dave Carter
At 15:40 on 8th June 2020, Dave Carter commented:
I think it is getting a fair bit easier to get home delivery slots. Slots were available on all of ASDA, Tesco and Morrisons this morning. Sainsbury's have none right now, but they only release a week ahead, and I saw some green ones (which means that they are already delivering to someone near you) yesterday.
CO Jones
At 15:50 on 8th June 2020, CO Jones commented:
Aldi in Neston may not be the best but it is streets ahead of some of the madness I've had to endure shopping for my mum at various shops in Salford over the last few months.

As I keep saying to the staff at work, we can buy tens of thousands of pounds worth of PPE and barriers but we cant change your behaviours.

It's the same in shops. Take control. Shop where you are comfortable etc. The "best before date" rummaging of shoppers is a bigger concern to me. Handling 6 of the packets before selecting the one they are comfortable with

Given the risks posed by contact transmission, it would be better if folk didn't do this. No complaints here about Aldi but do have concerns on shopping behaviours
At 18:20 on 8th June 2020, BHFL commented:
In Tesco Express, Neston, the cleaning gels, etc are on the left as you exit the shop, or on your right as you enter. In Aldi they are on the left after you enter the store. I prefer to be responsible for my own cleaning and always take sanitised wipes with me when I go shopping and wipe my own trolley. Both Tesco and Aldi have 2m floor markings, but people's shopping behaviour can be a problem. Personally, I find the queuing for Sainsbury's with a cold wind across the market square very off putting. They seem to allow very few people inside, so perhaps is the safer environment.
At 13:39 on 10th June 2020, merrymac commented:
Thank you to all those who posted about lack of awareness of spreading the virus, by those who touch produce completely unnecessarily when searching for the newest or freshest.

Do they not realise they are putting over 33% of Nestons population at serious risk of catching the virus. 5443 people are over 60 , out of a census population of 15,124. See https://www.citypopulation.de/en/uk/northwestengland/cheshire_west_and_chester/E34003804__neston/
Andy B
At 13:46 on 10th June 2020, Andy B commented:
Avoiding wasting food ( not buying close to date) is hardly unnecessary. Most items are packaged and antibacing is possible once home.
CO Jones
At 16:19 on 10th June 2020, CO Jones commented:
Disagree Andy. Its not ok to do this at all at the moment.

I'm shopping for my mother who had life saving surgery three weeks ago and is now shielding at home. The fact that I have to take the risk of carrying shopping into her house is enough of a worry at the moment. The last thing I want to see when stood in the shops is people with no gloves on rummaging through produce. This isn't rocket science.

What about unpackaged fruit and veg? The handing also happens there.
Andy B
At 17:15 on 10th June 2020, Andy B commented:
I always (and have done for some time) wash loose fruit & veg. including items in nets.
CO Jones
At 17:30 on 10th June 2020, CO Jones commented:
That isnt the point. The point is that in a global deadly pandemic, shoppers should be reducing to the absolute minimum the products they are physically touching in a shop.

It does not need to be any clearer than that does it?
Andy B
At 17:39 on 10th June 2020, Andy B commented:
In an ideal world but we do not have it. So we do the best we can with what we have.
CO Jones
At 17:50 on 10th June 2020, CO Jones commented:
Yes we do. We select the item we want by looking at it and pick it up and put it in our basket. The first one. Not the one on the bottom at the back.
CO Jones
At 17:52 on 10th June 2020, CO Jones commented:
I know people will carry on doing what the hell they like as that is how things are now panning out now but if these comments alter one person's habits then that is a good thing.

I'm not paranoid but have lost two work colleagues to this awful virus.
CO Jones
At 17:52 on 10th June 2020, CO Jones commented:
And am shielding an 80 year old lady recovering from a bowel cancer operation.
Dave Carter
At 19:29 on 10th June 2020, Dave Carter commented:
Absolutely right CO. I cannot think why at this time people think it is OK to handle produce and then put it back.

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