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The Great Shand Mystery

Published: 19th April 2008 14:46



I've been living in Neston for approximately six years, during which time I have never once seen the shop 'Shand' (sandwiched between "Help The Aged" and "The Brown Horse" at Neston Cross) open. Not even once.

The shop appears to still be "in business" - as demonstrated by the clothing on display in the window which does change on very, very rare occasions (maybe once every two years) - but possesses a rather dilapidated-looking shop-front.

What on earth is going on with this premises? If it is still a functioning business, how on earth do they make any money if they never open? Is it a 'front' for some bizarre criminal 'scam'? Has the owner passed away in the stockroom years ago but nobody has noticed yet? Does the proprietor suffer from 'Brigadoon Syndrome' and only appears once every 100 years? Which is it? Or is the truth even stranger than fiction?

It seems a shame that such a prime spot - ideal for a little 'Coffee Shop' or 'Deli' - is going to waste and adding a run-down appearance in the high street when the Market Town initiative is working so hard to improve such matters.

JD Parkgate Road, Neston


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Marnie C
At 19:44 on 21st April 2008, Marnie C commented:
I have heard that Shand is owned by a woman who lives above the shop. Is she a recluse? Although the window display changes from time to time I have seen a knitted jumper appear about six times - although I have never witnessed the window being dressed. My sister wanted to buy the jumper - about 4 years ago - I told her "don't hold your breath!!! Any ideas as to how she can make an offer on it?

Retail therapist, Neston
Andrew R
At 11:24 on 24th April 2008, Andrew R commented:
I heard that there are two rather large dogs within the building and that no one is allowed past the threshold! Mind you I was consuming alchohol at the time and as you know drink has an amazing way of exaggerating / manipulating facts into something totally fictional. Good fun though!

Guiness drinker, Neston
At 20:04 on 27th April 2008, Clanger commented:
It gets even weirder...

Last week a passer-by noticed a DHL van having trouble delivering a large package to the premises, that needed signing-for. The item concerned was a large CAGE... (needles to say, the item could not be delivered, as there was no answer).

Does anyone else feel like they are in an episode of Twin Peaks?

'Bemused' of Neston

andy w
At 09:10 on 29th April 2008, andy w commented:
I heard that on the very rare occasions it opens you get served by a man wearing a fez who invites you to try on the clothes in the changing room and when you do you magically get transported off for a wonderful adventure
At 00:29 on 1st May 2008, Clanger commented:
Very good! "As if by Magic" perhaps? you don't live at No. 52 Festive Road by any chance do you?

In all seriousness however, it's a real shame that the premises isn't 'operating'. If it were, it would add something to the High Street - and the recent 'Market Town' grants could have helped smarten up the shop front significantly.

It is a real mystery. I'm sure whoever owns the premises has valid reasons for how the property is being 'adminsitered'. I just think it's a shame is all...

Paul D
At 14:00 on 29th May 2008, Paul D commented:
All at the MTI did their best to involve them and encourage them to take advantage of the grants available - to no avail I'm afraid. We got the same response as everyone else i. e. none.
null n
At 01:03 on 31st March 2009, null n commented:
Has there been a theft at the Shand ? All the designer specials from the window have disappeared...

Katie Robson
At 11:40 on 31st December 2009, Katie Robson responded:
Sorry Steph, I've had to remove your comment from this thread as it contained some elements that might lay us open to legal difficulties.

Scott Morein
At 12:54 on 31st December 2009, Scott Morein commented:
For those intrigued by the removal of a message from this discussion, some items of interest might be found here… http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6637526446
Rob Ward
At 19:04 on 3rd January 2010, Rob Ward commented:
I guess this relates to a rumour in the summer of 2008.
The following was reported by Aboutmyarea from a police 'Have Your Say' meeting in Neston Town Hall on 27 Oct 2008:
Q. Is it true that a brothel was recently closed down in the area?
A. This story stems from a report that a house in the area was the scene of unusual "comings and goings." Sgt Paul Bluck and one of his officers volunteered to look into the matter, but can confirm that it was definitely not a brothel.
You can read this at

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